Long Working Hours Impacts on Workers

Recent researches shows that nowadays overworked (long working hours) are very common issues of debate in human resource world. The impact of long working hours is very serious. It leads to employee dissatisfaction. Facts revealed that Overworking causes health problems like fatigue, stress, headache, tension, tiredness and many more. There is need to consider this threat and we should look for the solutions of the problem.

Impacts of Feeling Overworked:

Here we list only some important things that can be easily monitored at workplace. When you get tied up in office work on regular basis, like permanent writing argumentative essay, then there is negative shift in your behavior. You become angry, annoyed, your family suffers job satisfaction level goes down. Then you think of looking for an alternative job. You become exhausted. Why? It is because you are dedicated hard worker. But despite that you are not regarded as valuable. It affects your moral. Then you become less motivated and so does your partners working with you. There is possibility that you may conflict with your co-workers or boss. The reason of this could be an issue of salary, promotion, or any other unwanted change.

Possibly a question that can arise in your minds that why people overwork? The reason of it is “fear of losing the job”. You hardly get a job to support your family. Job is the only source of your income. You have in your mind that if you will not overwork. The boss may discharge you.

Now it is the time for the employee and the management to think and decide about the certain parameters.

Possible solutions:

It is simple to say that manage the workload. How? Here are some suggestions for management consideration,
It is must to make sure that you are not short of staff. You have particular staff, required for completing the job.
Sit down and think back about the specific processes running on, for job completion. If required change it at once.
You need to look at the revision rate of a process. It is most important to do the job once and in the right way.
And now here are Suggestions for employee’s consideration. Employee must take the boss in confidence and ask him about
Change your timing or plan different shifts of work for employees.
Give employees some break/interval/ refreshment after specific time.
Time allocation technique plays a big part for you. You should be on when company/ boss/ family needs you.

This discussion is equally beneficial to the employees as well as management personnel. People are the real assets for any company/boss. As they are involve in all the operation of business. If they are satisfied you company perform well. Unfortunately, If not. Then company shall loss. So to get employee’s satisfaction, management should take certain steps to resolve the issue of overwork. So that management and employees could help each other to solve their problems.

About author:
Lynette Bobbitt has PhD in psychology and social studies. Also Lynette has experience in HR management more 5 years. Lynette writes articles in free time for online essay writing service Tutoriage.com.

How to Get Out of a Job You Don't Like

If you are not happy at your work place, the reasons might be many, you do not like the work, you do not like the management style, you are not happy with your boss attitude towards you. You do not get along well with the company atmosphere, culture or maybe with your colleagues, you think you choose the wrong profession, you feel stuck in your present job as writing a thesis statement, and feel it would not lead you anywhere. You feel your flair is not here but in some other work or profession or you feel you were merely pushed into this profession or pursued it because it was a paying one or maybe you are not satisfied with your pay.

You do not feel happy and satisfied with the 9—5 time you are spending at your work place but rather feel that you are pulling yourself all the time. To think of going back to work does not make you happy rather you start feeling a kind of weight on your mind. These are all signs that you are not happy and satisfied with your job, it is not easy to be unhappy or non-satisfied at a place where you are spending major hours of your every day. It is high time that you think of changing your job, profession or the industry whatever you think your problem lays.
seek new job

What to Do In Such a Situation

The big question is how to do it, how to get out of a job which is not satisfying and is not keeping you happy, just quitting the job would not be an option that most of the people can afford to opt for, as we have expenses to meet. The ideal solution would be, to be able to make a switch to the place or profession where you would be happy. Now to find this out (the profession or the place where you would be happy) is another task in itself, so you may not find yourself in the same situation in your next job as well.

Decreasing Your Dependence on the Current Job

The first thing in such circumstances would be to adopt ways to decrease your dependence on the current job, it would mean curtailing your expenses, falling less into debts and start saving and investing your money and time in the right direction. You will also have to free sometime of yours to be able to spend it on pursuits that will help you in your journey of entering new avenue in your career, where you feel you shall be more satisfied and happy. You might have bought all those expensive gadgets to curb the feeling of non satisfaction inside you from the job or simply to distract your mind from the stress you experience. The bad news is that by doing so you have not only unduly spent your money, got yourself into debt but have also wasted the time that could have been productively used otherwise.

Develop Yourself Personally

The time that you are spending on the job that you do not seem to like and want to change, is only adding to your experience and worth in the current profession that you do not want. Start developing new, cross marketing, general skills or the skills that are known to be applicable in all field specially the ones pertaining to latest technology, which has its application everywhere. Ones that would serve to develop you on a personal level serve to better your communication skills and you in general.
Your ability to talk persuasive and convincingly based and backed by knowledge and reading, these skills ultimately will aid the process of your job search. Try to extend your knowledge base generally but especially in the area you feel you want to pursue as your career or business, ensure to update your knowledge to the latest in this particular field.

Finding Your Flair and Interests

Mean while also try to find out where your flair is and what actually interests and satisfies you in the professional sense. When you do find out what interests you, try to develop expertise in it through practice, spending time on it and learning and updating yourself on it in every way possible. It is ultimately your expertise on a given subject that determines your success and earning capability in that given field. All the time that you would spend on this passion and interest of yours together with the skills that you have acquired will serve to give you experience and expertise in the respective field.

Starting the Search for a New Job or Business

Now you can start your job hunt or your own business based on your interest and on the expertise that you have acquired. You are a more confident person now with all the knowledge and expertise you have developed through the amount of time which you have invested. Besides all that you have the natural flair for it and would be more confident in the interview or in the business you start.

Quitting the Job

Finally you may quit your job after or during the period you are pursuing your new interest, if needed a part time job may keep you afloat during this process of entering from one to another job or business whatever.

About author:
Lynette Bobbitt has PhD in psychology and social studies. Also Lynette has experience in HR management more 5 years. Lynette writes articles in free time for online essay writing service Tutoriage.com.
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